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Joke: A big company advertise for its products; they mentioned always QUALITY,QUALITY; there was a guy keep asking "how much it costs? how much it costs?" untill he could say only "costs", "costs"....then he becomes mad and is taken to a hospital; he kept repeating the same question. Please see the main advertising sites and do not ask this. I have the feeling that I am talking with the man above. You should not be concerned with this, either you are a taxi driver, so we are not fit!


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Why a man have fun with me? We can have fun since my offer includes a variety of normal services: social interaction \ advice if requested / topics \ I also enjoy bachelor parties, I like dancing, laughing... Though I miss the right advertising and probably not the right men are looking into my page,(I do not think any is reading at all, all focus in the main big directories where only the agencies are written with VIP and Verified).... I hope at least one understands that discreetion is a girl which visits a hotel once a year, therefore you can present me as anything you want, I am far from the whores getting there 3 times a day, getting laid with the gipsies and police from front door.If you look for cheap girls, then you should know who had her before and what she can offer you as unfortunate "gifts".

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